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Joe DuBois, Basketball Skill Development Coach


Joe DuBois is an award-winning player and team captain who brought a league championship to his Lodi High School after a 25 year dry-spell. The UCSC Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach and brother of Coach Ron DuBois, Coach DuBois also focuses on player development, recruitment and academic advising to the UCSC players.

He specializes in the core offensive skills of shooting, passing and dribbling. He is great at teaching the nuances of the game such as change of speed, stop/start, body positioning, deception, balance and footwork. 

DuBois recently received his Masters degree from Concordia University Irvine in Coaching and Athletic Administration.

"Joe brings such value to our basketball skills development piece.  He relates so well with young people and knows what it takes to help players take their skills to a higher level."
- Coach Ron DuBois

If you’re interested in working one-on-one with Joe DuBois, contact him directly at