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S3: Skill, Speed & Sport Psychology


The S3 basketball academy is laser-focused on helping young athletes develop their skills and take their game to the next level. There are no 5-on-5 games. Instead, players learn the fundamentals of the game and receive training in how to reach their own basketball potential.

From April through September, players can attend 60-plus hour-long sessions where they’ll get high-level coaching as they workout with other players at their own skill level. During each session, players rotate through three 20-minute stations focused on the core aspects of S3: skill, speed and science.

SKILL: Skills training includes shooting mechanics, passing, ball handling with both the left and right hand, footwork, finishing moves around the paint and more.

SPEED: Speed training includes learning body movement, developing general athleticism, lateral and vertical movement, stopping and starting, accelerating, strength training, body coordination and proprioception. By developing these areas, players learn, on a neurological level, to react quickly.

SPORT PSYCHOLOGY: The science aspect of S3 involves learning about the mental aspects of sports, as well as the underlying science of basketball skills, speed and movement. Players will have opportunity to purchase mental toughness training program, prepared by Dr. Zaher, to take home and work on in their own time.

LIFE SKILLS: Skill, speed and sport psychology are not the only fundamentals taught at S3 Academy. Valuable life skills such as discipline, accountability, learning to lead and listen are another main focus. As Coach Dubois says, "Not only will we focus on basketball, but life skills such as body language, eye contact and respect will be taught on a session to session basis."