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Robert Terrance, S3 Strength & Conditioning Coach


Robert Terrance is an experienced strength and conditioning coach who has worked with elite trainers as they prepared amateur and professional athletes for a variety of sports, including NFL combine, World Championship boxing and the UFC. He has also worked with athletes in football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, boxing, MMA fighting, Brazilian jiu jitsu and more. Coach Terrance specializes in athletic performance with emphasis on speed, balance, power, endurance, and functional strength.

Now in his second season as the UCSC men’s basketball strength and conditioning coach, Coach Terrance combines functional movements and breathing techniques from various martial arts to increase neurological response in reactive time, coordination, and recovery time. He places more emphasis on functional neurological efficiency for sport than isolated muscle development.

Coach Terrance has more than eight years experience as a personal trainer and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also has 30-plus years of martial arts experience and a 5th degree black belt under Grandmaster Bill Owens and is a USA certified boxing trainer under trainer/coach Rick Noble and World Boxing Champion Carina Moreno.

He continues to research and incorporate new and innovative methods of training designed to enhance athletic performance and overall body agility. Currently, he conducts training sessions in Watsonville and Santa Cruz at Noble-Moreno Boxing and Kaijin Jujitsu.  Robert holds a BA in in Sociology from UCSC and Juris Doctorate from Hasting College of Law.

"Ive seen first hand what Robert can do for an athlete's explosive movements. His training knowledge, background and experience are world class, he can take any athlete to levels that they didn't know they could achieve."
-Coach Ron DuBois

If you’re interested in one-on-one training, contact Coach Robert Terrance directly at


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"The ability to optimize an athlete’s potential is a skill all trainers strive for yet few possess. Robert has this elusive and seldom found ability. He is knowledgeable in many training modalities but has a special talent for teaching plyometrics with a vast knowledge of the science. Robert has the uncommon ability to detect the smallest flaw in plyometric movement and how to convey technical information to achieve the best results."

- Gary Marinovich, Personal Trainer
Co-Founder Marinovich Training Systems

“Strength, agility, speed and power are the qualities necessary to perform as an athlete and Robert works with athletes so that they perform at their best. Every time I work with him he makes sure that I get the best training possible. Working with Robert has helped me so much in my boxing career with speed and agility. His training has made me faster and stronger.”
- Carina Moreno, 5-time Professional Boxing Champion
Co-Owner, Noble-Moreno Boxing